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It’s great to immersive yourself on the forefront of innovation. Last year Samir Badaoui has done that in the Metaverse industry by discussion with experts, entrepeneurs and other bright minds on the latest trends, tendencies and developments. It’s great to announce that the acumulated knowledge will be integrated in the new podcast the AI Dilemma. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a professional in the industry, this podcast provides valuable insights into the world of AI.

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Joop Snijders neemt je mee in alle ins and outs van ChatGPT de (on)mogelijkheden van AI en de huidige hype.

This podcast with Jeroen covers al in and outs of acquiring funding, how to make pitch deck, investments etc.

 Episode 24 ” The great transition ”  educative and insightfull for anyone that is interested to get immersed in the world of finance and the latest trends.

This  podcast is not only very insightfull to get up to date with the latest web3 developments but also interesting if you want learn more about inclusivity and women in Tech as a whole.

In episode 22 we sit down with the founders of Sona Protocol the first web3 brain application that captures your intelligences from a multiplicity of perspectives.

With Luke AKA Metaverski we discuss a whole array of web3 stuff. Which makes this episodes particularly suitable for both starters in web3 and well-aged web3 people. 

In episode 20 we sit down with Nick Rose CEO and founder of Ethernal Verse. Nick Rose has been around for a while in the crypto space.  :

 Samir Badaoui discusses rigorously with CEO of ftichin Santiago Portella,  about the ins and out around Esports and web3. Its entrepeneurial as educative.

This week we are talking with the Head of Metaweek. We love to learn about the metaverse virtually, physically and hybrid! In September Metaweek is coming in 11 september!

 We will dive deep into concepts and what’s possible. We will also share Ed3: Builders, where we talk to the people and projects building this future. Education & Web3!

Definitely a great episode for everyone that wants to learn more about entrepreneurship, metaverse trends for the next 5 years.

In this podcast episode with Bei Wang, well respected university teacher, NFT Entrepeneur and digital media consultant we will talk at length about the NFT Evolution this year.

 Andrew Wright is a pioneer in converging metaverse technologies with education and explains the possibilities of meta-education.

Dr. Sana Farid, walks through the underlying technological mechanics that will facilitate cutting-edge healthcare in the metaverse. Healthare and the Metaverse combined.

In this podcast Dima Shevchenko CEO of My Face AR shares his story and vision on the future of marketing by AR Technologies. Great to understand AR!

In this podcast Samir shares the table with Joren Meylaerts Aka JoJo the founder of the P2E game Castle of Blackwaters. JoJo goes in-depth!

Juan explains the challenges of bots in the metaverse and the importance of nourishing the metaverse with life and humanizing it with DNA.

In deze episode deelt Wouter niet alleen waardevolle inzichten omtrent NFTs, maar ook zijn visie met Authic voor de toekomst!

 This episode unpacks the life of a metaverse entrepreneur, DAO management, Digital Fashion, Virtual Real Estate and much more!

RIFT AR is connecting the digital and physical world by Augmented Reality in the Metaverse. This sounds like fiction but it’s close to reality!

The Metaverse Mentors Podcast invited Barbara Lippe at this week’s episode. Barbara is as Ph.D. Philosophy with specialization in the Metaverse.

NFT’s, Metaverse and Marketplaces are getting more common. But what about a 3D Model NFT Marketplace? Mark  will explain how it works!

I sit down with Luis Bravo Martins, Entrepreneur, CMO at KIT-AR, author and international speaker. This is true deep-dive about AR/VR/MR/XR.

The world is changing at an incredible pace! The Metaverse, Augmented Reality and The Evolution of the Internet? You’ll learn everything in this Podcast!

Maarten Ectors, is an expert on everything that touches the Metaverse, he helps companies on areas like: Defi, tokenemics, NFTs, Decentralized strategies and much more.

The Next Tech Evolution - Dr Mark van Rijmenam

In the inaugural episode of Metaverse Mentors Samir has a conversation with Dr. Mark van Rijmenam author of the book Step into the Metaverse.

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