Women in Web3

Hi Web3/ Metaverse Enthusiasts! While there is a lot a of external developments that we can’t change. We continue to discover new frontiers of builders. In this Episode we sit down with Anastesia and Sabina to talk about their organization Metasouls. This is a multi-facetted podcast not only very insightfull to get up to date with the latest web3 developments but also interesting if you want learn more about inclusivity and women in Tech as a whole. One of the short term projects they’re focusing on is SheNFT which is going to be a Web3 event at a very atmospherical location in the Netherlands at 26 november. AKA, Women-Empowering Digital Art Exhibition & Expert Talks. Happening on November 26, at Cupola XS, Haarlem. Part of Dutch Blockchain Week. Inspired by women. Inclusive for all. If you want to learn more about entrepeneurship from two women definitely a must-watch!

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